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Mobile messaging with the iNetWorx SMS Gateway.

With the iNetWorx SMS and Pager Gateway you can connect your applications across technologies to almost all mobile networks in the world as well as the Swiss pager network. The iNetWorx SMS Gateway is ideal for sending alarm and monitoring messages, multifactor authentication (MFA or OTP) or other important information for customers.

Universal interfaces

The iNetWorx SMS Gateway is extremely flexible: Send and receive SMS via HTTPS API or email. Mobile connection of applications is that easy.

The iNetWorx SMS Gateway offers system administrators and developers an easy way to integrate SMS or pager communication directly into their applications. SMS messages can be sent and received via the defined HTTPS interface/API (see also 2-Way SMS).

The HTTPS POST interface is supported by almost all programming languages. The iNetWorx SMS Gateway API can be easily and quickly integrated into your application.

We would also be happy to assist you with the implementation. Upon request, we can offer you various code examples in PHP, Perl, C++, JAVA or C#.


Send your SMS via secure HTTPS POST. This request method is available in all programming languages.


Detailed documentation is available for using and integrating the API into your project.

Delivery Reports

Using delivery reports, your application receives the current status of the SMS delivery.


The flash SMS appear directly on the recipient's display - very practical for MFA or OTP for example.

Long SMS

Automatic SMS concatenation allows messages with more than 160 characters to be sent.

Binary SMS and Multibyte

Our API also allows you to send binary SMS or SMS in non-Latin character sets.

The gateway's Email2SMS or Email2Pager interface is an ideal and highly flexible way to quickly and easily link applications to SMS/pagers. Email is probably the most universal way to exchange data and information and there is hardly a business application that cannot send emails.

The Email2SMS service can be configured as desired and is tailored to your specific requirements when your account is set up and installed.

You send your Email2SMS orders to an email recipient on the gateway in the form <recipientnumber>@<subdomain>.inetworx.ch.

The incoming emails are parsed completely by the gateway. Therefore, we are able to extract any information from the email header and body and combine it into an SMS message. The customer is recognized based on the subdomain and the filtered content is sent to the preceding target number.

The Email2SMS service is therefore a very individual product that usually requires a short phone call or an exchange via email to clarify all the details. Email2SMS is not suitable for mass sending.


Most monitoring and alarm systems are able to send alert messages via email by default.

Multifactor authentication (MFA)

Most security gateways (e.g. SSL-VPN) support the submission of authentication tokens to be sent via email.

Notifications from systems

Many (legacy) applications only support notifications to be sent via generic email.


Many software products in this area already support the sending of SMS via email by default.

Outlook/Mail Client

Of course, you can also send SMS directly from your email program of your choice.

Quick implementation

It is often faster and more cost effective to integrate the SMS function via email than via an API.

With the 2-way SMS function of the iNetWorx SMS Gateway you can establish bi-directional communication between your application and a device. Depending on the configuration, incoming SMS will be forwarded to you either as a strictly formatted email or to an URL via HTTPS POST or GET call.

Two different options are available: With a dedicated number, all incoming SMS will be forwarded to you. With the keyword-based service, actions are triggered based on the evaluation of the first word in the SMS.

Long IDs from Swisscom or Sunrise are available for the 2-way SMS service. Please note that these numbers are only available on a rental basis and cannot be transferred in any way.

Multifactor authentication (MFA)

Receive MFA tokens, e.g. from M365 or Apple, to an independent number to be forwarded to a shared mail box.


In contrast to short IDs, long IDs (+4179...) are available globally and independently of the operator.

Receiving replies

Give your customers the opportunity to respond to messages, for example to appointment reminders.

We also offer the iNetWorx SMS Gateway infrastructure as an engineering solution. Run your own SMS gateway within your own network and server environment. The iNetWorx SMS Gateway can be individually adapted to your needs and offers an HTTPS API and the Email2SMS interface as standard.

Operating your own SMS gateway infrastructure makes sense for large enterprises in many respects: the technical integration is simpler, data protection is guaranteed and, above all, the costs per SMS are the lowest. And last but not least, the iNetWorx SMS gateway is extremely robust.

Are you already running your own SMS gateway solution and planning to renew it? Talk to us!

Supported by iNetWorx

We offer long-term, comprehensive support so that no internal know-how needs to be built up.

Low costs

A direct contract with one or more SMSC providers guarantees you the best rates for SMS.

Data protection

Your data will be processed in-house and not through a third-party provider and sent directly to the SMSC.

Do you have questions about the iNetWorx SMS Gateway?

With our expertise we will find the right solution for you.
contact us now

Do you have questions about the iNetWorx SMS Gateway?

With our expertise we will find the right solution for you.
contact us now

With the iNetWorx SMS gateway you have full control over the costs: We bill all SMS at a fixed rate to all mobile networks. You don't buy credits but an effective amount of available SMS. This means, no hidden costs are applied for submissions to all the different mobile networks out there. We route all SMS for the best termination rate possible and not for least costs.

The sending of pager messages is possible within the Swiss pager network only. Pager devices can be obtained by the Swiss pager network operator Swissphone directly.

If your SMS/pager message balance is used up, it will not be automatically recharged. iNetWorx will inform you in good time about a low credit balance. Remaining credit expires 5 years after the last shipment. A refund is excluded.

There are no monthly fees for operating an SMS or pager account. Inactive accounts will be deleted 5 years after the last send. A refund of any remaining balance is excluded.

[1]: All prices exclude VAT - subject to change without notice, especially for one-way shipping to non-CH networks. The credit has no expiry date when the account is actively used.
[2]: incl. Web-Client. SMS/pager accounts will be deactivated 5 years after the last submission. Any remaining balance will expire. A refund is excluded.
[3]: Includes a one-time adaption of the filter, submission of test messages on our bill, surcharge for complex filter rules reserved.
[4]: Monthly fees are billed by calendar year.

Broadcast SMS/Pager Prices [1]
1000 SMS package (0.140 CHF/SMS) 140.00 CHF
5000 SMS package (0.112 CHF/SMS) 560.00 CHF
10'000 SMS package (0.093 CHF/SMS) 930.00 CHF
20'000 SMS package (0.088 CHF/SMS) 1'760.00 CHF
1000 Pager package (0.240 CHF/SMS) 240.00 CHF
Setup for SMS/Pager account [2] 25.00 CHF
Setup for Email2SMS/Email2Pager [3] 175.00 CHF
2-Way SMS Prices [1][4]
1 Keyword 5.00 CHF/month
Dedicated number (max. 1000 SMS/month) 30.00 CHF/month
Dedicated number (unlimited SMS/month) 50.00 CHF/month
Setup 2-Way SMS account [2] 50.00 CHF
Setup for dedicated number [3] 50.00 CHF