Private cloud, servers/clients & telephony.
IT services for SMEs from a single source.

We have the knowledge and experience to set up, operate and maintain the IT infrastructure that suits your demands. This includes cloud services such as Microsoft 365, servers and clients on premise, network installations as well as cloud telephony. A perfectly and smooth functioning solution is a personal concern of ours.

Direct contact person

The iNetWorx support team will address your concerns personally and directly. Call us or write an email. We are here for you.

IT services from the cloud have become an indispensable part of our daily business life. In close cooperation with the customer, we develop the optimal solution. Depending on your requirements, we provide this on our own hardware at the Glattbrugg data center or via global cloud platforms such as Microsoft M365 and Azure.

The cloud model is not just reserved for SMEs: smaller office environments and individual workstations also benefit from the availability, security and flexibility of a private cloud.

Before migrating the infrastructure to the cloud, it is essential to carefully analyze the existing infrastructure and processes. In order to optimize costs, you need a partner like iNetWorx AG with the appropriate experience.

Full cost control

The cloud model is based on transparent and scalable costs per user for licenses and operations.

Less IT on site

Simplify your office infrastructure by moving key systems and applications to the cloud.

Mobile workplace

Your desktop is always there where you want to work – a huge gain in efficiency and flexibility.

High data security

With a cloud solution, you no longer store confidential or sensitive data on your devices.

Simplified administration

Standardized tools and processes simplify administration, maintenance and support of cloud environments.

Pay As You Go

Save money by only paying for the services you currently use.

The cloud model is not always the right solution for existing processes and infrastructure. In many cases, hybrid environments also make sense: cloud services in combination with local infrastructure. Whether cloud or not - you definitely need a robust, local installation with clients, network, printer, backup, WLAN or other devices.

The IT infrastructure of an SME usually consists of systems from various suppliers of special or industry-specific software. The interaction of all the involved parties can be a challenge.

We support you by being your first point of contact: we coordinate the various processes and maintain the overall overview. This allows us to ensure that your IT environment can be operated securely and reliably.

1 contact person

We have your infrastructure under control and coordinate collaboration with external suppliers and specialists.

Security concepts

The requirements for a secure and stable infrastructure are becoming increasingly complex. We solve this for you.

Maintenance and support

User support, periodic maintenance and management of your servers, clients and network infrastructure.

Secure backups

Well-thought-out backup and recovery concepts: local data backups and backups to cloud storage.

We take responsibility

It is a personal concern of ours to ensure that the infrastructure functions as smoothly as possible.


With our broad-based specialist knowledge, we develop and operate the solution that suits your needs.

Telephony has long been an IT product. We have been certified partners for the cloud telephony solutions from Sunrise and Swisscom for several years.

In most cases, it is worth rethinking your current telephony solution. If you are about to replace your local telephony system, we recommend switching to a CloudPBX. And yes, porting between providers works smoothly.

Full-fledged telephony system

A CloudPBX offers the full range of functions of a traditional, local telephony system and more.

Pay As You Go

Save money by only paying for the services you currently use.

High security

Maintenance of the system, automatic updates of the devices and encrypted conversations are the standard.

Whether cloud or on premise - benefit from our experience.

With our expertise we will find the right solution for you.
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Whether cloud or on premise - benefit from our experience.

With our expertise we will find the right solution for you.
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