iNetWorx, your All-In-One IT-partner.

From its over 15 years in business iNetWorx knows the IT-demands and needs of small and medium companies. Our support aimes at implementating and maintaining the most suitable infrastructre for your business.

Since the switch to voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems have become a part of IT networks. This results in additional requirements for the flawless interaction of the involved technologies.

In the field of internet connectivity, telephone systems and mobile we count on an all-in-one partner, too: As a partner of Sunrise with gold status we are capable to offer high quality products at very interesting rates. We are also certified to install and maintain the cloud-based PBX of Sunrise.

Direct Contact

Our support team will personally, directly and competently take care your matters.


With our broad-based expertise, we operate the suitable solution for you.

We Take Responsibility

A perfectly working infrastructre is a personal concern of ours.

Secure Backup Concepts

Defective devices or deleted data - a well designed backup concept is essential.

Your new home in the cloud!

Services delivered from the cloud will become increasingly important in the future. With iNetWorx you have a partner on your side that has been operating cloud-based services for many years.

Own, closed – so called private clouds – put data protection on top of the priority list. Depending on your requirements we are able to offer such environments hosted on our own equipment located at the data center Glattbrugg as well as the large cloud platforms of Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

Cloud solutions are not reserved for medium-sized businesses: Smaller office environments or even single workplaces profit from the availability, security and flexibility of a private cloud.

It is essential to analyze the existing infrastructure prior switching to the cloud. In order to optimize costs a partner such as iNetWorx with its expertise is needed.

Full Control of Costs

A cloud model is based on clear costs for licensing, operation and support.

Less IT on Premises

Simplify your office infrastructure by offloading the most important systems to the cloud.

Mobile Workplace

Your desktop where you want to work - a huge gain in efficiency and flexibility.

High Data Protection Level

With a cloud solution, you no longer store sensitive data on any of your devices.

Simplified Administration

Less effort for maintenance and support of hardware and software are further advantages of a cloud solution.

IT Solutions on Premises.

A cloud-based solution may not always be the best solution for your own infrastructure. Cloud or not - you need a robust, local installation with clients, network, printer, WLAN or other devices in either case.

With our broad know-how, we make your infrastructure fit, so that it meets all wishes and requirements for stability and security.

IT infrastructures usually consist of systems from various suppliers of special software and the interaction of all parties involved can be a challenge. We support you by being your first point of contact: we coordinate the processes and thus help coming to a straight forward solution without unnecessary loops.

Single Point of Contact

We have your infrastructure under control and coordinate the cooperation with external specialists.

Security Concepts

The requirements for secure infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. We solve that for you.

Maintenance and Support

User support, periodic maintenance as well as management of your server and client infrastructure.

Secure Backups

Supervised backup and recovery: local data backups and backups to cloud storage.

Welcome to Switzerland's best network!

iNetWorx is a Gold Partner of Sunrise and is also certified for the Sunrise CloudPBX by Nfon. The telephone solutions from Sunrise impress with their high call quality and attractive rates - for both landline and mobile telephony.

Similar to local servers, the local telephone systems (PBXs) are a discontinued model. Cloud-based solutions offer huge benefits. The CloudPBX of Sunrise is one of the best products on the market and leaves nothing to be desired.

Rethinking your own telephone solution is worthwhile in most cases. If a local telephone system needs to be replaced, we recommend switching to a cloud PBX. And yes, the porting between the providers works smoothly.

Pay As You Go

Pay for the resources and services you need now, not in two years or never.

Complete Telephone System

The CloudPBX is a professional product with countless features and possibilities.

Highly Secure

Maintenance of the system, automatic updates of the equipment and encrypted calls are standard.

Attractive Rates

Even if you do not need all the features of a PBX, you benefit from advantageous prices.

Email and web - we deliver.

Reliable communication with customers via email and websites is a prerequisite nowadays. The more it needs a partner who can provide these services in outstanding quality thanks to know-how and high-available infrastructure.

Leave the technical part to iNetWorx and concentrate on the further development of your business.

All too often, unfortunately, we are experiencing that the topic of hosting and communication is not solved holistically. For example, services are ordered and put into operation by different people. Often there is also a lack of knowledge about how the services have to interact in order to function smoothly. The professionals at iNetWorx consolidate these services and make sure you have everything under control at all times.

Personal Support

With us you do not end up in a call center. We take care of you personally and directly.

Data Protection

Your data is hosted on our own server in the data center in Glattbrugg, Switzerland.

Comprehensive Know-How

Since our foundation, we have operated our own web and mail servers with anti-spam/virus filters.

Office 365

You want to use Microsoft Office 365? We support and license your Office 365 installation.